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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Elves and toilet paper don't mix

Taylor was heard saying yesterday "I hope my elves are naughty tonight!" Well the little stinker got his wish... Marty and Belle decided to toilet paper the living room. It was everywhere!! On the tree, the couches and all over the floor. I'm just thankful they only found one roll of TP or the whole house may have looked this way. They were also found sitting on the couch with their hands over their mouths like they were trying to contain their giggles... silly elves!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Games, games and more games

Marty and Belle started out by playing hide and seek last night. Taylor thought it was so fun to have to find them- especially since "Marty is a good hider!" Tonight the games continued. Marty and Belle convinced Mickey and Oswald to play a hand of cards. i didn't see any money involved but I'm sure a few sweets must have changed hands!

Monday, December 1, 2014

The elves have arrived....

Our elves have finally arrived and are snug in their hiding spots awaiting Taylor's squeals of joy once he realizes they're here. He was so sad that they weren't there this morning that he asked Kelsi "what if they got assigned to another family?!?" That comment made me feel pretty bad so I pulled some strings and the big man sent them down from the pole.  It will be entertaining to see what trouble the Mischiefs can get themselves into this year...

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Yearly Christmas Book

The elves delivered the yearly Christmas book tonight. They, of course, couldn't wait to read it so they read it without the rest of the family. The book is the Christmas Train by President Monson. I can't wait to read it with the family.

Friday, December 20, 2013


These elves just love to climb and be up high! They strung a rope from the stairs into the family room and built themselves an actual working zipline. Taylor thought it was great fun to continue playing with them when he woke up- he kept running them up the zipline and letting them fly down it; I guess it's good that they aren't afraid of heights. Taylor told me that he wished that he could ride the zipline too.

Psuedo Vacay!

After last night's loss of magic, the elves decided that they needed a vacay! I guess a printed picture and elf sized beach towels would have to do. Makes me laugh that they used the pineapple we got from a neighbor as their palm tree. I guess you have to be creative around here when you're using your imagination.

Losing Magic

The kids have had a hard time being nice the last couple of days. Unfortunately that means that Marty and Belle have lost their magic. Hopefully, the kids can be nicer tomorrow so that the elves can play!